A couple of decades ago, when I was young and right out of my masters program from college in 1993, I hit pay dirt starting up an IT services company. I was barely 23, having gone through a fast paced engineering degree in computer science at BITS, Pilani, India. I was one of those selected few that got into a global internship program that flew me to USA and that’s were the entrepreneurial bug caught me.

I was young and rearing to try some crazy marketing ideas. Digital and Email channels didn’t even exist then, to do fast pace marketing, like you can today. Direct marketing channels of mailing print pieces to people’s home or offices was rampant while the biggies did their TV and NewsPaper ads.

I started off with a shoe string budget and had to use some new channels of marketing. Internet was just evolving. Email was used mostly in universities and was not even a channel used for marketing yet. Direct Marketing, TV, Newspapers where expensive and personalization wasn’t possible. So, we had to innovate a new channel that enabled personalisation via fax.

Data was obviously important then like it is now and we had a small team of people sitting seven seas across in India collecting data from global newspaper classifieds. They used to capture contact/company name and fax number along with details of the exact IT service requirement like say "JAVA development" .

Weekly job classifieds used to be collected fresh from various newspaper advertisements. We used to identify capable resources with these skills via our recruiters. Then we used to market to these fax lists via an array of winfax servers and hundreds of fax lines dialling up making the 56K modem connections every minute. The classifieds would identify a specific skills they are looking for and we used to send personalized faxes promoting hotlists of consultant's available with those skills. That was considered new age hi-tech marketing then as every company would get a personalized fax "Attn: Contact/Company name" & Subject: "Candidates Available with Skills XYZ" (like in their News paper advertisement). This worked really well for us and we grew rapidly in a couple of years by the time I was age 25 to $25 million plus leagues (100 plus crores).

We had to hire people fast and were in a crunch for tech resources across the world and getting them Visas to work in USA. Success at this early age caught up to me and I did my element of inappropriate delegation goof ups which eventually got some operations aspects busted. The start-up goof ups I did along the way of growing through the dot-com bust in the 2000 era and immigration legal problems early on, got me to focus on growing operations in India.

Cut over to 2003, India was just evolving into being a great service economy serving the world. Email was evolving as a brand new Digital channel. Constant Contact’s of the world didn’t exist. Internet was evolving and data was still a need of the hour.

Today I am asked how come you are operating in so many lines of business apart from your Core Marketing and Data Solutions like Yacht Clubs, Realestate, e-Governance, e-Retailing, IP telephony, e-Commerce etc. My answer is, 'We are because we are able to market in each of these niche segments and get leads'.

I believe everything in this world starts with marketing and getting a lead. Someone has to sell something to somebody for this economy to move ahead. You have to uncover the interest and then figure how to serve the heck out of them. If you didn’t do proper marketing to generate a pipeline of leads your business is not getting any where.

I learnt most of my marketing lessons with growing various businesses in our group and for our thousands of clients world over. This book contains real life practical knowledge; life's marketing lessons, and definitive marketing solutions to help you grow your business everyday every ways without breaking the bank. It includes over a 100 plus new age ways of marketing that we have used successfully along our professional business journey growing in to a couple of hundred crore group.

My intention is to help businesses and entrepreneurs grow their business achieving growth year after year so they can ride the momentum and enable growth for millions of their team members and champions.

I believe one of the greatest reasons why most small and medium companies don't succeed today is due to lack of proper marketing and lack of focus on continuous lead generation. On a shoestring budget it is possible to do some heavy duty marketing like the biggies, albeit without behaving like today's e-commerce firms blowing up multiples of revenue just to improve valuations.Our conventional ways of marketing are no longer sustainable today and must change in this new era. We have to touch the customer via multiple channels in a new personalized fashion to be effective. I have had the privilege of guiding and working with thousands of champions in our enterprise who have helped tens of thousands of firms over the years. This is an effort to put forward an immaculate compilation of various forms of new age marketing that will get you the same edge we have experienced having these brilliant marketing champions around us.

Are you ready to reclaim your marketing powers? Join the revolution by embarking on these 100 channels of new frontiers of marketing outlined in this book. You will change more than your marketing- you will change your thinking, your corporate growth and, ultimately life of all those around you.

Now you have got no excuses! Start building your Global marketing machine now!!

Subhakar Rao Surapaneni
Champions Group / Strategic Marketing Services / Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

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