Are you ready to reclaim your marketing powers?

Join the revolution by embarking on these 100 channels of New Frontiers of Marketing outlined in this book.

I learnt most of my marketing lessons with growing various businesses in our group and for our thousands of clients world over. This Book contains real life practical knowledge; life's marketing lessons, and definitive marketing solutions to help you grow your business everyday everyway without breaking the bank. It includes over a 100 new age ways of marketing that we have used successfully along our professional business journey growing in to a couple of hundred crore group.

My intention is to help Businesses and Entrepreneurs grow their business achieving growth year after year so they can ride the momentum and enable growth for millions of their team members and champions.

I believe one of the greatest reasons why most small and medium companies don't succeed today is due to lack of proper marketing and lack of focus on continuous Lead generation. On a shoestring budget it is possible to do some heavy duty marketing like the biggies, albeit without behaving like today's ecommerce firms blowing up multiple times of revenue just to improve valuations.

This is an effort to put forward an immaculate compilation of various forms of new age marketing that will get you the same edge we have experienced having these brilliant marketing champions around us.

Subhakar Rao Surapaneni
Champions Group

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About The Author

Subhakar Rao Surapaneni is one of the Top 100 global sales and marketing leaders and a pioneer in the marketing outsourcing field. He is a mentor to many successful corporates and thousands of marketing leaders and champions. He has been supporting growth of thousands of companies globally in over 108 countries. He pioneered a wide range of innovative digital marketing technologies and techniques not used by most of the companies before.

Subhakar Rao has made billions of dollars for companies and is actively involved with global clients, innovating with new ideas ensuring serious double digit per cent growth year on year.

He is the Chairman and Chief Coach of Champions group that has forays into multiple sectors like marketing outsourcing, advertising, yacht clubs, real estate, luxury resorts, data and much more. Subhakar Rao today is considered to be the guru of new age digital multi-channel marketing techniques.

Today Champions Group is a MultiĀ­ national Global Conglomerate with numerous growing global enterprises in the portfolio of the group. To see a few of the new age companies in the group, please check out:

As Chairman of Champions Group, Subhakar Rao works to maximizing revenue for global clients enabling multi-channel fast growth strategies. His team determines the strategy and placement of advertisements, direct mail campaigns, email campaigns and global sales programs with clients worldwide.